Lesson 5 – Menthamizh Script – Consonants –Middle Sounds

Fricatives (Idaiyinam – Medium Sounds)

        ‘y’ as in buy                           य्

         ‘r’ as in read                          र्

        ‘l’ as in health                       ल्         (dental)

        ‘v’ as in cave                         व्

         ‘lzh’ as in Alzheimer             ऴ्        (retroflex)

        ‘ll’ as in called                      ळ्        (alveolar)


Click the letters to learn the difference in sound.

Note that the while the script is taken from Menthamizh, the rules are framed based on a modified subset of the rules of Menthamizh. The rules of Menthamizh are meant for people who are well versed in Menthamizh, But Pillaithamizh rules are meant for new learners of Tamil to enable them to transition to Tamil easily.