Lesson 4 – Menthamizh Script – Consonants – Weak or Nasal Sounds

Nasals (Mellinam – Weak Sounds)

        ‘ng’ as in hang                       ङ्

        ‘ny’ as in unyield                   ञ्

        ‘n’ as in under                       ण्        (retroflex)

         ‘n’ as in anthem                     न्         (dental)

        ‘m’ as in dam                         म्

         ‘n’ as in ant                            ऩ्         (alveolar)

If you are not sure of the differences click the letters to hear the sound.


Each nasal also corresponds to a strong sound (vallinam) given earlier. When the nasal weak sound is used before the corresponding strong sound except for the trill , it modifies the strong sound with the modifier 


Summarizing in a table,

= k  = ng-g
= ch  = n-j
= t  = n-d
= th  = n-dh
= p  = m-b
= rr  =  n-rr (ndr)


However, if we want to write a non Tamil word such as ‘pink’, where there is a need to represent the sound ‘nk’, we will be writing without the modifier as in ‘’.

Initially we will use the modifiers to allow easy pronunciation. Later on the modifiers will be dropped as you become familiar with the rules.