Lesson 1 – Menthamiz Script – Vowels


The letters of the menthamizh script which is a simplified set of 32 letters based on the Tamil letters is given below to memorize. You can click on the menthamizh letters and words in these lessons to hear how it sounds.



                        English Pronunciation                      Hindi equivalent

                      ‘u’ as in cut                            अ

                      ‘a’ as in cart                          आ

                      ‘i’ as in hid                             इ

                      ‘ee’ as in heed                       ई

                    ‘u’ as in pull                           उ

                    ‘oo’ as in pool                        ऊ

                     ‘e’ as in bed                           ऎ

                     ‘a’ as in bade                         ए

                      ‘o’ as in coke                         ऒ

                      ‘oa’ as in coach                     ओ

Compound Vowels

                    ‘ui’ as in guide                       ऐ         Note:  Same as +

                  ‘ou’ as in loud                        औ       Note:  Same as +