Lesson 3 – Menthamizh Script – Consonants – Strong Sounds


Plosives, Affricates & Trill (Vallinam – Strong Sounds)

English Pronunciation          Devanagari equivalent

         ‘k’ as in talk                           क्

         ‘ch’ as in each                       च्

        ‘t’ as in eat                             ट्

         ‘th’ as in oath                         त्

         ‘p’ as in cap                           प्

         ‘rr’ as in hurry                        ऱ्


Adding the  modifier symbol, we get

         ‘g’ as in tag                            ग्

         ‘j’ as in jar                             ज्

        ‘d’ as in lead                          ड्

         ‘dh’ as in buddha                   द्

         ‘b’ as in cab                           ब्

         ‘z’ as in zoo                            ज़्         (Rarely used in Pillai Thamizh)


Adding the  modifier symbol

         ‘h’ as in heat                          ह्         (Sparingly used)

        ‘sh’ as in fish                         श्         (Sparingly used)

         ‘f’ as in cab                            फ्        (Rarely used)


Adding both the  and  modifier symbols

         ‘s’ as in ease                          स्

         ‘t’ as in art                             ठ्


Summarizing in a table


Letter Sound With  Sound With  Sound With   & Sound
k  g  h    
ch  j      s
t  d  sh    
th  dh        
p  b  f    
rr  z      t (r)