Learn Tamil through MenThamizh

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A creative new way to learning an ancient language


Phase 1 : Learn the basics of the Pillai Thamizh Con Language


Phase 2 : Learn to construct better sentences in Spoken Thamizh


Phase 3 : Transition to Chaste Tamil

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Typically when you start to learn Tamil, you will be first taught the Tamil alphabet. Then you will be taught Tamil words and chaste Tamil sentences. This is because there are a lot of dialects in spoken Tamil, and chaste Tamil - which is not spoken, but only written or delivered as a speech, acts as a bridge between the dialects. This website takes a new approach by first teaching a very basic subset of the Tamil language - a constructed language or conlang named Pillaithamizh or Child's Thamizh and slowly lets you transition to Chaste Thamizh. It is a radically new approach and one in a state of development. It is for casual learners of Tamil and not suitable for scholars who wish to learn Tamil systematically.

Edison Author